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Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Stereotypes need to go away
Look, I'm all about getting to a world we have enough representation of various groups that these sorts of videos are just random coincidence and aren't representative of subconscious biases. Until we get to that world, however, can people please check themselves before putting something like this out?

It's not like it's that difficult to check on this one. Blond hair, pale woman purchasing car? Check. Black choir in the background singing to support the white woman? Check. The singing is supporting her buying on impulse & emotion instead of facts about the car? Check. Is this commercial using tons of stereotypes? Check. Should we revamp it to be less stereotyped? Yes!!

If only they'd done that last check before putting this out on the national stage.

2016 Honda Fit | Honda Summer Clearance Event

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