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Getting rid of double standards - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Getting rid of double standards
Jordan Klepper investigates why evangelicals think Donald Trump is the best at G-d.

This interview is really good. There’s always a cognitive dissidence where people justify why a person they like did something bad (ex/ this pastor excused Donald Trump being an adulterer) and blaming someone they don’t like for the same thing (ex/ The same pastor says without any irony that it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault that Bill cheated on her.)

That cognitive dissidence is even more disgusting once you realize that it’s not just about praising someone you like, but it’s about making it the woman’s fault that the man can’t keep it in their pants. If Hillary or Ivana were better wives, their husband’s would never have cheated. And if those other women hadn’t tempted Donald and Bill, they wouldn’t have cheated. It’s infantilizing men by saying that they don’t have to be responsible for their actions. Additionally, it demonizes women by saying that they are temptresses that men can’t resist unless they cover themselves up/hide away.

How about we teach all our children to be respectful of each other and to take responsibility for our own actions? I promise you, we’ll create a stronger society when we make everyone responsible for their own self.

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