Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Sexism assumption in hiring

I got this gem in my job searching email today:

Good morning,

A recent survey by TopResume found that women who take time off to care for their families often struggle when it’s time to re-enter the job market.

Gee, thanks for assuming that because I'm a woman I'm only taking time off because I spawned and had to take care of the kids! Women take time off for a variety of reason - just like men. I took time off because I wanted to and we could afford it. Some men take time off to help with their families!

There is some value in gendered advice; I already know that my picture on LinkedIn was keeping me from getting job bites. That's why I took it down, and take advantage of a gender neutral name. However, most unsolicited "gendered" advice is really misogyny and gender norms wrapped up with a pretty bow. It hurts everyone.

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