Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Oh, goody!

After just over 2 weeks of travel to deal with family issues (canyonwalker was gone for something like 31 out of 32 days in the past month himself), we pulled in the massive pile of mail to find some real gems in there.

My "favorite" is how a "Lisa Rogers" at a Kingdom Hall[1] hand wrote me a letter. She wants me to go and witness how her messiah's death is supposed to benefit me. Considering that canyonwalker didn't get any of this crass proselytizing, I'm figuring that they saw my stereotypical Jewish name in the phone book and decided that I needed to be saved. Yay! Let's take one of the times of the years when anti-semitism really likes to come out in force[2] and add even more to that!

It's true that I need to be saved, BTW. Saved from overbearing, religious, proselytizers who don't realize/don't care how slimy their actions are. Unfortunately, those people don't realize how disgusting they are and won't stop.

I'm going to go toss that letter and scrub myself clean.

[1]She didn't have the balls to put down her own mailing address, just to use mine.
[2]Reminders of the blood libel, how Jews are money-grubbing, they killed Jesus, etc ad nauseum.

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