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Weight loss

From just after Thanksgiving to the end of December, I was doing a pretty intensive diet with canyonwalker and lost 12 pds. After we got back from holiday travels, I wanted to try and figure out a maintenance diet. It worked pretty well; I kept bouncing around in the same 2-3 pd area. I consider that a success, because maintaining weight can be just as hard as losing it!

When I saw my dr this month, she really got on me regarding my weight and triglycerides levels. She had a valid point that both needed work, and I think she understood my point that I gained all this weight from pain management medications I'd been on that screwed up my metabolism. Regardless, I needed to make the next step to lose another 10 pds. My parents were visiting, so I decided to go back on the intensive diet after they left.

They're gone, but I've still not gone back to that diet - and I feel good about my decision. You see, while they were here, my mother started eating my instant (sugar-free) oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast every morning. And I decided to try eating it again that way, and realized I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it. Add in the very real benefits to my triglycerides levels, and I decided that I'd make this change: 1 meal each day will be 1/2 cup oatmeal (pre-cooked), with 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tsp of hemp seed (because I want to finish it off!), and a bit of other veg or fruit from the fridge - whatever was around. Other than that, I haven't deliberately changed anything. I'd been mostly staying away from the sugar, and mostly eating more meat/veg/"real food" for the past two months with minimal change in my waistline. I've also been doing as much exercise as my poor body can handle. I've got supplements I'm taking, but other than two to help me with triglycerides, I haven't added any new ones.

The results are amazing. I've lost 4 pounds this month without really trying! The oatmeal daily has gotten me from eating 3 meals plus snacks done to 2 meals plus snacks. I'm not feeling hungry, I'm not feeling cravings, I'm just doing my thing and my body is giving up weight. I feel like a walking stereotype right now - how often do "health experts" push that exact meal on us and it doesn't work? Except that my body finally got to a point where it does. The benefits might not last forever, but I don't care. I'll take whatever I can right now, to pull off the remaining 30 pounds that the medications put on me. If I can't get below that, I don't care too much. I'll be in pretty good shape, and hopefully my blood work and pain levels will reflect that.

It's so ironic, that medications designed to help us with issues cause us to gain weight. That weight gain makes a lot of the problems that need fixing worse, and it gets into a horrible feedback loop. I really hope that I've broken out of that loop, but I'm not going to hold my breath until I see that I've actually gotten to my destination.

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