Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Unrealistic expectations

I'm going through my morning job search, and I came across this gem in one of the job descriptions:

2.7 Quickly discerns the customer need and promptly prepares a quote, order, return/credit with minimal errors within 48 hours. Four mistakes per month is allowable. [Bolding done by me.]

Seriously? Seriously? Well, thank you for letting me know up front that you're a company I'm not interested in working for.

Not that I don't think you need to keep errors down, BTW. However, sometimes there's bad luck (or computer issues, or bad customers, or etc) that cause these types of errors. If you start off in the job description with such a harsh view of "number of mistakes", you don't sound like the type of company that understands the entire work ecosystem and I don't want to work there.

[Not that I was going to, anyway. It turns out that the job was not in the industry I thought it was. But still, I pity whoever takes it.]

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