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The obligatory Trump post - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
The obligatory Trump post
I haven't been posting much on this; frankly because most of what I want to say is obscene. He's demonizing an entire religion, stomping on the basic tenets of the United States as he does so, and somehow thinks/claims that he's being reasonable and not flaming the fans of Islamiphobia/Immigrantphobia that is so dangerous to the majority of people who are from here/come here in peace.

I was talking with a(nother Secular) Jewish friend today, and explaining that it was a bit weird that I wanted to have a menorah this year, but it was just something I wanted to do. His response hit the reason on the head, though; "There's a feeling of another Kristallnacht in the air, so you feel like you should connect."

It doesn't matter who the Kristallnacht is aimed at. It's despicable, and those who promote that type of hatred are both bottomfeeders and walking right into what Daesh wants. They want the West to demonize innocent Muslims. They want a division between Us and Them. That wedge gives them an in; "They hate you anyway, you should join us. We're the only ones who care about you."

Those who never learned history are doomed to repeat it; I have no desire to have a repeat of Germany in the early 20th century. I wish even more people would feel the same way.

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