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Beads, Beads, BEADS!

With me leaving my last job, I’m starting to get my groove back. I’ve done some beading projects over the past two years that I’ve forgotten/haven’t had a chance to post. Now that I’ve sorted all my stuff, I might also end up making more items too. I really should figure out easy; it’s the best time of year to try and sell things.


A turquoise and silver necklace. The focal bead is from Nepal; I like it because the image reminds me of the Hebrew letter, Shin (ש).


Purple seed bead earrings with daggers. I know I made these as a gift for someone, but can’t recall who. Probably kris4n6. ETA: kris4n6 says it's not her, so I have no idea who I made them for. But they were a gift!


I got the jade focal bead in Hong Kong years ago, but didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Then I found the other jade beads in Chinatown and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fluorite Bear Necklace

I had made this fluorite bear necklace a while ago without the focal bear or the other silver. I didn't quite like the look of it, and then I found the bear focal. Perfect! I sold it to a friend.

Malachite Hematite Necklace Bracelet

Malachite and hematite necklace and bracelet.

Kyanite Necklace

Kyanite and quartz necklace. I got the kyanite years ago, but never was sure what to do with it. Then I found the quartz flower focal point, and it all came together.


A serpentine and gold necklace. I don't usually like gold, but I really like how it sets the serpentine off.


Garnet, amethyst, and periodot necklace with a pendant with various semi-precious stones on it.


I had this amethyst pendant on a single strand necklace and didn't like it. I'm not sure I fully like this three strand seed bead necklace, but I'm leaving as is for now.


Moonstone, garnet, and agate necklace


I made this fluorite neklace as a gift for a (now) ex-coworker. If you look closely, some of the beads are smooth and some are textured.


Oregon Jasper necklace with gold findings and a phoenix focal. I picked up the beads in a creepy store when I was in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, as they were so gorgeous. I might still rip apart the focal area and redo it - I have a better idea on how to attach the bird now.


Crazy Lace Agate Pendant with agate & moonstone beads. I saw this pendant at an art & wine festival, and loved how it looked like an alien landscape.


Closeup of crazy Lace Agate Pendant with agate & moonstone beads.

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