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venkablackfire and I wandered all around Seattle yesterday, while waiting for the rest of our Emerald City Comic Con group to arrive. We saw some very bizarre statues, the Space Needle, Pike's Market, etc, and had some very creepy encounters.

One was with an owner (son of the owner?) of Market Beads that randomly started to talk with us about his cell phone issues, and then started showing my bead strands like a cat bringing me tribute. I ended up buying some oregon jasper and an awesome Kabuki mask, so it probably ended ok. Except he gave us both beads for "good luck". Mine somehow ended up with Venka, I have no idea how... *innocent look*

The second was a proprietor who offered to "tell us where to go in Seattle". I backed out of that store immediately, and just kept an eye on Venka to make sure she wasn't getting boxed in. It ended when she left, and he came out and proclaimed "You know that book 50 Shades of Gray? Yeah, I didn't need to read it, I live it!" *shudder*

The third was a homeless guy in a wheelchair who wanted to give us both a really big hug. Yeah, no.

Other than that, we had a blast of a time and ended up eating really awesome food at Twisted Pasty, and then I ended up running into an old con friend after that while trying to buy groceries. We also saw a Popsicle statue on the way back to the hotel. Very bizarre.

I'm exhausted. And I've still got 2 more days to go!

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