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Dear Rep King, please shut up

Dear Rep King,

I read your remarks earlier in the week regarding 'I don't understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second'.

That's okay. Many people don't understand how Republican's can decry the Senate Democrats refusing to pass a bill to help victims of human trafficking because of the anti-abortion Hyde Amendment in it (What was that Mitch McConnell did? He said that the Democrats are playing politics to hurt women, and then he turns around and holds up the new AG nomination due to those self-same politics. Hypocrite!<1>).

To get back onto the original subject, Netanyahu has gone - as Jon Stewart described in this wonderful piece - "full blown settler". The fact that your end of day revelations require all the Jews to be in Israel in a unified country doesn't mean that all Jews agree. The frum settlers are a blight upon Israel, and the fact that Netanyahu supports them doesn't help him. He's not as much of a war criminal as Ariel Sharon - that man started the second intifada by going to speak at the Temple Mount stating that it would always belong to Israel knowing what would happen - but he's close.

The frum have a disproportionate influence on Jewish life in Israel; kind of like how the Republican party has a disproportionate influence on everyday life in the United States. There's not going to be peace until more moderate voices on both sides start talking with each other, and the other Arab states stop using Israel as their bogey-man to keep their population looking outward as to the source of all their issues. For example, back in 1948, if the Arab states had wanted[2], they could have helped the Palestinian population actually settle into other countries rather than make them permanent refugees. The issues would be vastly different these days if that had happened. Netanyahu isn't helping Israeli security; he's hurting it.

Many Jews are Democrats because they believe in helping people. That's part of the faith. I don't see many in the modern Republican party helping people without bias. Am I being unfair to you? Possibly. But I'm sick of listening to people talk down to minorities of any stripe as if we can't think for ourselves. I don't need you to christinsplain to me why I should vote Republican. I'm quite capable of reading and listening to what your party says, and reject it as being insular and short-sighted.

In conclusion, Rep King, please shut up - and start listening to the very people you're claiming that you want to speak for.



[1]I like this quote regarding the whole thing the best: Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, called McConnell’s comments “politics at its worst.”

“Opponents of safe and legal abortion are using a bill that was supposed to help women to hurt women and hold up the important Senate business of confirming a well-qualified nominee to serve as Attorney General,”

[2]I'm excluding Jordan from this. Both King Hussein's have been pretty stand up mensches considering everything.

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