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Finger condom! - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Finger condom!
canyonwalker is traveling over in the UK, so of course I injured myself! I was slicing some peppers for a movie marathon and managed to get part of my thumb instead. It wasn't that big a cut, but it managed to A) take all the skin off and B) hit the vein. After 20 minutes of no clotting, my friend took me to urgent care, where I got the most awesome wrapped thumb. It's such a small wound, and yet they wrapped it in so much cotton it seemed like I'd hurt myself even worse.

Gauze Wrap Finger
The huge wrap they put around my thumb. It looks like a thumb condom!

The silk they put on top of the wound. It made it stop bleeding immediately, which was really cool. It's such a small wound, and yet they wrapped me as if I'd cut more of the thumb.

Rubber Finger Cover
I decided to get a rubber finger cover from CVS today, so I didn't have this huge thing wrapped around my finger. I quickly learned just why they over bandaged me, since I immediately bumped the thumb and started swearing. That being said, I'll probably leave it as is so I can actually do things like type and manipulate buttons. ETA: And that experiment didn't work well. It almost ripped the silk off prematurely. Guess I'm back to the huge sock on my finger.

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