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I'm stuck in a pain flare right now. There's nothing new about this, unfortunately, other than the fact that I had a call at work today from a woman stuck in one as well.

She cried, metaphorically speaking, on my shoulder for about 15 minutes. She went on about all the things she wants to do, but can't, because her body is betraying her. She can't go out to walk because the cold hurts her too much. She can't get her fingers to move the way she wants them to. She wants to do all these things for her elderly father, but she's stuck in the house...

I heard myself in her. Now, I'm not quite as bad off as her, though I feel I have my moments. But I've gone through that process myself, all the "fuck this, I want to do x but my body won't let me!". Or "I'm going to be in massive pain, but I'm doing to do this regardless." I'm always profoundly grateful for canyonwalker at those times. Even if he doesn't gt it, he listens. He does things like let me steal all his body heat to make my body move the way it should, or pretend to listen to me rant about all my frustrations with everything. I seriously have no idea how I'd manage some days without him.

I'm positive that the woman I was talking with doesn't have someone who can regularly do that for her. Which is why she was so grateful I listened. Things like this is why I tell my employees that if we're going to give patients good customer service, sometimes we just need to let them vent. No matter how uncomfortable it might make us. It's still nowhere as bad as what they're going through.

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