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People I want to go away and never come back again - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
People I want to go away and never come back again
"Messianic" Jews - aka Jews for Jesus. Especially schmucks like Sid Roth of "It's Supernatural", who's decided his life's calling is mailing unsolicited Messianic literature to people who have Jewish sounding surnames. Oh, and his unsolicited literature is in a plain white bag, so it's not obvious until after you've opened it.

The next plain white bag I get is being returned to sender faster than his head can spin.

If there's one thing you can get almost any Jew - frum[1] or secular - to agree is mind-numbingly annoying are the Jews for Jesus people. The ones in my parent's home town tried to sham legitimacy by claiming that their main offices were at the JCC[2], but that most people came to another address to talk with them.

[1]aka Religious
[2]Jewish Community Center

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