Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Don't tell me it's probably benign

At least, don't tell me it's probably benign in a letter and then ask me to come back in 6 months "to confirm this area has not changed".

Personally, I'm annoyed because this is a horrible way to tell someone that their mammogram has something to be worried about. I was in the office where the radiologist interpreted it. They could have come and talked with me so I could ask questions about probabilities. Instead I get a stupid form letter that's supposed to be reassuring. My mother had kidney cancer. I am quite aware that a 6 month cycle means that there's something they are concerned about.

Fuck them. I have an appointment with my primary care tomorrow night about my most recent back herniation, and I'll make him figure out for me if I should really bother going back in 6 months.

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