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Figuring out computer literacy poll - Hawk's Eyrie
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Figuring out computer literacy poll
We've been doing a lot of interviews recently, and I've started and let go a few people. One of the main issues I'm having is trying to figure out computer literacy. To wit, it's not just "Can you use Outlook?", but "Can you use multiple systems such as LIMs, Salesforce, Outlook, Excel, Word, and File Share Servers competently enough that I don't need to explain basics such as 'double-click'?"

At my last place of employment it was fairly easy - I'd make them figure out some citations and explain some search logic and figure out quickly. Here it's much harder - many of these are intrinsic skills you'd expect 30+ year olds to have figured out and it's a bit insulting to ask if they know how to.

That being said, I need to find out a way to do it. I'm getting sick and tired of hiring people that I have to practically start at ground zero with.

Any suggestions? I'm expecting crickets as response, but anything would be nice.

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