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NYCC Sunday pics and wrap up - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
NYCC Sunday pics and wrap up
I just finished putting up the last pictures from today. As always, if the tag says Unknown, help would be greatly appreciated.

NYCC was a lot of fun - and a lot of line waiting. It's not as bad as SDCC, but it's getting close. I'm torn about coming next year, but I suspect I'll end up doing it.

- Getting to meet Jim Cheung, buy some artwork, and fangirl at him.
- Going to both the Women in Marvel and the Minorities in Fandom panels and finding the rooms packed. I remember when they first started the Women in Marvel panels and the room was maybe half-full. It's great to see them expand
- X-men panel; frankly, any panel with Peter David is worth going to
- Lots of great cosplay.

- Arizona's outdated, stereotyped, sexist, tea ad. For what it's worth, I never saw it again after the first day. Every panel I was at in that room seemed horrified by it.
- Marvel's Digital panel. Guys, how are you supposed to convince me to get into your digital comics if you can't even manage to figure out how to use Powerpoint?

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