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More pictures - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
More pictures
And Friday's are now up! I found some interesting costumes, but I'm not as happy with my picture taking today.

If the tag says Unknown, help would be greatly appreciated.

I was enjoying the panels, except for the ones in Room 1E - where Arizona Iced Tea was sponsoring it. They decided the 80's hadn't been missed and designed a "I heart Big Cans" promo that left absolutely no doubt as to what type of "cans" they were talking about. Good going, Arizona! Let's insult all the men by saying they only think with their penis, and all the women by making them nothing more than objects to be desired and have drinks poured over their already tight shirts.

Congratulations - you've convinced me that I no longer want to drink Arizona tea. Snapple's the place for me!

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