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Spousal gifts

So you know how canyonwalker threw out his back coughing from a cold/bronchitis type thing? Well, that virus is the gift that keeps on giving! Now I've got it. Because of all the medications I'm on for my shoulder (which is finally in MUCH BETTER SHAPE, thank you very much), I didn't notice I had the cold/bronchitis until a few days into it when I went on a scheduled decrease of my medications. That's Gift Number 1.

Gift Number 2? Not only did my loving spouse give me his cold/bronchitis, I got laryngitis from it. Considering a lot of my job is talking on the phone.... Argh! I'm currently sitting in our closed up bathroom, with the shower running as hot as it goes, creating a very inefficient humidifier for my throat. The good news is that it's working. The bad news is that I'm still going to go to work, but just not talk, today. I don't get this kind of humidity in my office.

[BTW, why do I keep saying possible bronchitis? The phlegm has been pretty sweet, and that is frequently an indicator of the illness having reached the lungs. Fun!]

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