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Ring help - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Ring help
In case I missed someone, thanks for all the help that was offered. At the moment, I'm just going without a ring until my pain issues are mostly gone. Actually, I'm going without all jewelry right now because I'm not trusting even a little bit of metal against my skin at the moment, even if it's something not as tight as a ring.

On the whole, each day is getting better and better which is wonderful, as this problem's been bothering me since September. Last night was a random throwback, where I wanted to rip my arm off and beat everyone else with it. Thankfully, it's better this morning and I don't have to deal with that type of pain level as often anymore.

Maybe the shoulder was just reminding me of how it had been, as I'm off to see the doctor today. If the doctor disbelieves the concept of how I'm allergic to metal? I'm firing him. I'm done with having doctors not believe me when I've either 1) have proof from other doctors that this is how my body works and/or 2) I've done a lot of testing on myself and know that there is at least a correlation between x & y.

Hopefully it will go well. We'll see.

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