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Redditted - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
My Post Apocalyptic Scooby Gang picture from SDCC 2011 has been passed around the web so many times, it needs people to start taking numbers.

That being said, it just got linked to Reddit so now I'm getting a shit-ton of new traffic on my flickr. Which isn't a bad thing, except for two reasons:
1) I made a mistake of looking at the comments on reddit. Wow, almost everyone wants to do Velma. And they're crude about it. Of course making Velma (and Daphne) look doable is the whole point of a cosplay like this. How did I ever think otherwise!??!

2) I loathe how websites HOST someone else's picture rather than just link to it or use img src HTML to show it. I'd like all that traffic to come back to me, so I can see how people are enjoying my pictures, rather than to someone else's tumblr/reddit/pintrest page so I don't know where my pictures are at.

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