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So they're calling this the "Snowquester". *rolls eyes* At least it's marginally better than things like "Snowmaggedon!"

The newest plus side for this extended trip is:
1) I now have 5 days of gym access. It doesn't have the pound weights I need (my PT wants me to go light, light, light), but I've got a treadmill and stepper which is really nice.
2) I did some shopping last night as I didn't bring warm enough clothes for snow (and I brought the pair of jeans that don't really fit, not the ones that fit) and got some warm clothes for fairly cheap. Yay for clearance racks and 15% off!
3) Hugh Chavez died. I know the poor of Venezuela loved him, but he really wasn't good for the country as a whole. I hope that they choose someone who helps them come into the mainstream of world politics, rather than staying on the fringes.

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