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Stuck in VA - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Stuck in VA
We've been in VA for canyonwalker's grandmother's funeral. It's all been going pretty well (I'm the favorite aunt of many of the kids, surprisingly enough!), except for the fact that the VA/DC/MD area is shutting down for a snow storm. In preparation, my flight tomorrow was cancelled. *growl* So now I'm stuck out here until Sunday. It's not all bad; we get to help canyonwalker's family a bit more, see my parents a bit, and possibly see some school friends of mine and visit the mall in DC. All in all, though, I'd rather be home and not having to burn extra days of vacation.

Feh. I went to Yosemite in December. That blizzard was supposed to be my snow for two years!

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