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Geming away - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Geming away
I just spent way more than I was intending on beads & findings at the gem faire. I mostly got good deals, but even so I spent close to $500 for everything. culfinriel, I did get some good findings to go with that blue tigerseye I bought at that store in Chicago with you.

I need to stop just buying and start selling. That's my resolution for this year. I should just get some stuff together and up on Etsy, or start making a point of reminding people that I do commissions. Either way, I'll have the fun of making the jewelry, pictures of my work, and then I'll manage to get some money back for all my investment. I doubt it'll be enough to suffice me for a career, but it is something to consider if/when I change jobs next.

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