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Jewelry - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Here's some pictures of jewelry I've had since March or so.

Large Fluorite Necklace
Large Fluorite Necklace

This is now my third largeish fluorite bead necklace. My original idea was to do it with large bead caps, but the small ones I had worked nicer.

I really need to stop impulse buying fluorite. Seriously.

Barrel Fluorite Necklace with Pendandt
Barrel Fluorite Necklace with Pendant

The "barrels" in this fluorite necklace are actually two beads put back to back. When I saw the beads in the store, I knew that I'd need to do something with them. They were way to funky to leave behind. The pendant was originally on an earring set, but the matching one broke.

Thunderbird and Blue Quartz Necklace

I've had the thunderbird pendant lying around for a while. I also, for some strange reason, bought blue dyed quartz a while ago. This isn't one of my top favorites, but I do like how the "turquoise" quartz thematically works with the Thunderbird.

Ruby Zolite and Garnet Necklace Bracelet
Ruby zolite & garnet necklace/bracelet set

A ruby zolite & garnet necklace/bracelet set.

Jasper Necklace
Jasper Necklace

A jasper necklace I made broke, and I decided to completely redo it. I'm glad I did; I wasn't a huge fan of the previous one.

Pink Quartz Necklace
Pink Quartz Necklace

I saw these pink quartz beads during a trip to Lake Tahoe, and they screamed "I must buy them and make them into a necklace for aliza250!"

And, well, that's what I did. And she loved it. Mission accomplished.

Playing Card Earrings

My friend kris4n6 was having a Vegas themed bridal shower. I'd had these cards hanging around for a while, and it seemed the right time to finally use them.

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