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Weirdest feeling - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Weirdest feeling
When you do physical therapy, you should try to balance what you're doing on both sides of the body. That way you make sure one side doesn't get too out of balance with the other.

One of the exercises I'm doing for my pinched shoulder involves lying on my side and lifting a weight across my body. Oddly, it's pretty easy to do on the side that has the pinched nerve. It's not so easy on the side where I had rotator cuff surgery back in 2009. When I lift the weight across my body there's a moment where I can actively feel nothingness, where bone had been removed. Then, a moment later, I feel everything catch properly into place and it's easy to lift again. It's the freakiest feeling and I wish it wouldn't happen.

And yet, I will not stop doing the exercise. That's despite the fact I'm pretty sure that building up that muscle isn't going to make any difference in how the exercise feels to me.

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