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Avengers Assemble! - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Avengers Assemble!
canyonwalker & I went out to see Avengers tonight with friends.

Bullet points of bits I really liked:
o Stark pretending to be a Life Model Decoy.
o StarkAvengers Tower.
o "I am a God! You are insec..." and Hulk whamming Loki into the floor multiple times.
o Hulk beating enemies into the ground, and then blindsiding Thor with a sideswipe when the other enemies are all down.
o Loki thinking Hawkeye was an idiot for shooting an arrow at him, then having it blow up in Loki's face.
o The scene near the end where Loki wakes up to Hawkeye's arrow in his face, and the rest of the Avengers arrayed behind him.
o Agent Coulson. He was wonderful, and everything you'd expect of a field Shield Agent.
o Thanos "courting Death". I'm looking forward to that. I wonder if they'll have Death, even if she's a shadowy figure. And if you've got Thanos, can the gems be far behind?

Lastly, when I saw that last scene at the end where they're all having Shawarma, all I could think was "They need a lot more calories than that to make up for all the energy they just expended."

All in all a wonderful movie. I might have a more coherent review later, when I'm not still on my Avengers high.

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