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How to use OpenID - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
How to use OpenID
It's been brought to my attention that not everyone knows how to use OpenID. Let me explain why one might want to use it and give a step by step introduction on how to use it.

OpenID is a way for someone to use their Livejournal (LJ) login to log into Dreamwidth (DW) without creating an account there. If I've "friended" you on LJ, you're "friended" on DW. How do I do that if you don't have a DW account? I've given access to your OpenID (username.livejournal.com) to be able to view and comment on my locked posts. If you're on an unlocked post, you can always respond anonymously as well.

How do you use OpenID?
1) Make sure you are logged into Livejournal.
2) Go to Dreamwidth.
3) In the top right corner, click on "Log in with OpenID?"
4) Go to where it says "Your OpenID URL:" and enter YourUserName.livejournal.com and click Login.
5) During Identity Verification, choose if you want to pass your identity to them Dreamwidth "Yes; just this time", "Yes; always", or "No."
6) Voila! You're logged in.

If you have a DW account, and I have you friended on LJ, just make sure I know what it is and I'll add your DW account to my DW list as well.

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This entry was originally posted at http://merhawk.dreamwidth.org/504190.html. Please comment there. If you don't have a DW account, you can use OpenID, or ask me for an invite code (if I know you/know of you). I might have extras.

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