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The groove is back... I think - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
The groove is back... I think
Just finished two beading projects tonight. I finished the pearl necklace for kris4n6 a few days ago; I had to give up on the knotting idea but managed another great idea instead for it. I had a great idea for verbicide tonight, but the plan has to be revisited - she doesn't have pierced ears.

Pictures need to be taken and uploaded. I also need to make some more items for sale and actually get them up on a website (and use Amazon payments or wepay.com to take the money - not Paypal). I also need to find some more clasps; I'm running low on them.

My beading mojo's not entirely back yet, but it's nice to see it coming out of hibernation.

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