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Buh-bye, AT&T. Hello, Verizon!

After the incidents in July, August, & September when AT&T would open my case about there being a problem with their tower and immediately closing it, I'd been plotting to leave AT&T. It's not just because their 2nd Tier (and some of their 1st Tier) Customer Service people are a bunch of... let's be semi-polite about this... twits.[1] It's also because their signal is horrific. The data speeds weren't much better. Neither of us had more than spotty service at our desks, and when you're not in the middle of a city? You can't even expect spotty service.

That's why[2] we spent Saturday porting our numbers over to Verizon and getting the new iPhone 4S from the Apple Store. The difference in service & phone speeds are amazing - and our phones aren't even on the 4G network. Where we barely got 1.5 bars before, we're now getting 5. The download speeds are crisp and fast. I can't fully articulate how happy I am at the switch.

Or maybe I can. AT&T had a marketing service call me last night to figure out what caused me to cancel my service. I took great delight in delineating the full story about how their service combined with their crappy network caused me to switch. Seriously, AT&T: I'd been on your network since I first got a cell phone in 2001 or so. I'd been a loyal customer, even though everything went downhill when you "merged" with Cingular. It might have behooved you to work on the problems BEFORE I cancelled my service, because you're unlikely to ever get me back now that I've made the switch.

[1]You can substitute any word that could get your mouth washed out by your parents and use it there. You can use all of them at once, in fact. That would neatly summarize up my opinion of them.

[2]That and the fact that both of our cell phones were on their last legs. Needing a new phone didn't mean we had to switch carriers, though.

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