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Once Upon A Time vs Grimm

If I had to choose between the two, there'd be no choice - Grimm all the way.

Why Grimm? Once Upon A Time scans like a Disney soap opera. It's mostly formulaic, with very pretty scenery. The women are in the 6 inch Fuck Me Against The Wall heels that are so (oddly) popular these days, and everything is brash and bold and very stylized. Every scene between the Wicked Witch & the nominal hero made me wonder when we turned on a soap opera. The characters are so incredibly stereotyped. I'll give it another chance or two, but if it doesn't improve, I'm outta there.

Grimm, OTOH, started with an actual storyline that could be wrapped up in an episode, not just opening teasers of secrets like OUaT. We were teased with secrets - what can the Grimms really do, are all the monsters really bad, but the episode was set up to deal with the "monster of the week", while moving along the basic plot. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of similar feels to Buffy and Angel, as David Greenwalt worked on both.

In fact, the teaser for the second episode has me even more intrigued, as it's hinting at the fact that (unsurprisingly) not all the Grimm's actions are good... and neither are all the monsters that look evil really evil.

The ending is changed from when venkablackfire & I saw it at SDCC, and I'm glad. The previous ending wasn't bad, but I feel that it works out a lot better leaving her alive.

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