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Cookies & Soup, oh my! - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Cookies & Soup, oh my!
Tuesday I found a nasty bug in our database, and spent lots of time with my programmer debugging where it came from. Wednesday I started to come down with a cold. Coincidence? I think not!

I've been working from home[1] for the past two days. My stomach wasn't up for much today, so I made myself some beef broth with alphabet pasta:

Thisis what the perfect soup looks like; nice and hearty, with some, but not much, broth. Mmmm.... Made me feel a lot better.

Now, I still have my sugar cookie pictures to put up from two weeks ago. I better do that now, or [personal profile] verbicide will kill me. Seriously. She's been patiently waiting. I'm not afraid of her, per se. Except, well, when it comes to food related geeking. Then you better do what she wants, or you will regret it. Honest. Sorry, Kit, but she's way scarier than you. Please don't take lessons from her.

When I told my friend I was going to make cookies for him, I asked what shape he wanted. "Boobies!" he exclaimed. I sighed, and went to make him bikini clad chests.

What? Just because the "Boobies" are covered doesn't mean they aren't there!

Closeup of one of the bikini's.

A second closeup.

Two things: First off, I wanted to make sure that everyone realized what these were when they bit into them. Which is why there were two red hots under the bikini tops. This one had a bit of a nip slip.

Secondly, you might notice a Christmas tree theme this time. That's for one reason: I was sick of trying to get those $#(U*$ out of the container they were packaged in. So I made a point of using them all up this time, so I would never have to deal with them again. Woot!

The "Boobies" were all for the specific friend. I made a second batch for everyone else I was giving to. Plus myself. I'm not a breast raptor. Sorry for all of those that thought I swung all ways.

More of the non-breast cookies.

Yet more non-breast cookies.

Cones and Gnomes!

Butterfly closeup.

Another Butterfly closeup.

Evil Dragonfly closeup. Why is it evil? Have you LOOKED at it's eyes and tail? That SOB is coming for you.

Fangy McGnome is unhappy at her picture being taken.

Blurry bow ties. I use the dog bone cookie cutter because I wanted something A) small and B) different than usual. And then I didn't know what to do with them! I finally had the "brilliant" idea of going black tie. Then I added gold, and purple, and blue...

[1]The problem won't fix itself! My programmer fixed, and I tested. I hate remote accessing our office. At least the temp fix is in place as of yesterday afternoon.

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