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Slow cooking vs Fast Food (cost wise) - Hawk's Eyrie
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Slow cooking vs Fast Food (cost wise)
Mother Jones has an interesting article about the economics of eating in vs eating out for fast food. The thing is, when Bittman talked about how cooking a healthy meal for 4 is cheaper he ignores the fact that it's only cheaper - as Tom Phipott at Mother Jones points out - if you devalue your time.

BF & I debate this all the time. I want to eat in more because it can be healthier, but our time isn't free. We're high-paid professionals; our hourly wage is high. If we're not in the mood to cook, then it can make financial sense to eat out, so long as we also pay attention to our costs & calories.

One can't say that a homemaker's time is free - that's disingenuous and degrades the contribution a stay-at-home spouse makes to the household. However, cooking is (more) part of the job if you're a stay-at-home. When both spouses work, then more trade-offs happen. BF & I have made the trade-off that we eat out for dinner 3-5 times a week, but we pay attention to what we eat, and how much we spend. Believe me, after a day at my office, I'm usually more than happy to pay someone else to make food for me.

Even if I can make something slightly more healthy at home.

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