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This and that - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
This and that
You know the pleasure-pain that comes from turning on the shower just slightly hotter than you can handle, focusing that heat on your madly itching poison oak, and then turning the heat up more?

No? You're lucky. The 6 largish patches I have were not being helped by the over the counter stuff, so I took today off to see the doctor and get the good stuff. The good stuff is good. Thank Elath.

I finally got everything mailed that I had picked up for various people at SDCC. I finally left the poster about the Castle graphic novel at the comic store for my friend. Coincidentally, the Castle graphic novel came out this week. I picked it up, but have not read it yet.

[BTW, while writing this, a spider walked against my leg and then started walking on my bed. I'm very hands off on spiders, unless I know they're poisonous. Or they get on my bed. Once they're on my bed, they're very, very dead.]

Things still to do, but not tonight:
1) Rant about the vacuous, sex kitten, whore that DC turned Starfire into.
2) Put up pictures of the cookies I made. The "boobies" the friend requested got turned into bikini-clad breasts, and they came out pretty well.
3) Process pictures & post them

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