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All you need is blood - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
All you need is blood
I was finally eligible to donate blood again, so I went in yesterday. It was crazy. I've never seen the donation beds filled up, but they were yesterday. Note to self: Even if it's convenient for your schedule, don't schedule yourself to donate the day after 9/11. They don't need your blood that day.

Anyway, while I was waiting to be called back, the cutest gay boi came in and got his paperwork started up. He went back and got his stuff started, then was put in the bed across from me. While I was finishing up, I saw the nurse reading his paperwork, asking him to come into the other room with her for a moment, then come back and start up the donation process again.

On a serious note, he could be eligible. Just because one is gay does not mean that one has actually had sexual intercourse. If he hasn't, he qualifies. I won't second-guess him - he knows his quals much better than I ever do. I will say this, though: he might not realize he's gay, but everyone else around him does. He would set off the least sensitive gaydar.

In other news, there was an article in the local rag about a Con Artist who was trying to scam a local (gay) couple up in Richmond. One of the reasons the couple called the police? He was claiming to be gay and "He dressed horribly for a gay man."

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