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More! New! 52! From! DCU! - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
More! New! 52! From! DCU!
This week's crop (that I looked at) was Batgirl, Action Comics, Batwing, one of the Batman titles, Green Arrow, Justice League International, Static Shock, and Stormwatch.

NOTE: There should be no spoilers in this post, just general impressions of the books. Anything I say that could be construed as spoilers, shows up on the cover of the book in question. I'm not promising that comments will be spoiler free.

I haven't read JLI, per se, but I picked that one up on spec. It hasn't been closely enough tied to DC continuity for me to care as much; if this one sucks, I'll let it drop. It's just that I had already seen so much dreck, that I couldn't tell if JLI was golden because it was written well, or if it was in comparison.

Stormwatch? Meh. The story was just okay, and could have been good with tighter writing. Batgirl? Shows flashbacks to The Killing Joke, that was supposed to be 3 years ago. However, Batman? Shows us just meeting the Joker. That book didn't say... 5 years previously... but it should have been in the past. One hopes.

The dialog on both of them? Gail Simone did a decent job on Batgirl, considering what she's working with. Tony Daniels disappointed me like crazy. Green Arrow was even worse. "This ain't no disco"? Really? We're stealing cheesy lines from early '90's Sheryl Crow, who presumably took it from late '70's Talking Heads?

Action Comics? Superman reads like a Socialist over-achiever, and Clark Kent reads as a nebbish. So, the scene where we see him change from Superman into Clark Kent? There was an older woman in the scene. I saw the scene with just himself in the scene, changing into civvies. Then I saw him in civvies talking to this older woman. I had to go back and look at the story three times to convince myself I wasn't seeing Peter Parker talking with Aunt May.

Batwing is very violent. I mean, seriously violent. It was a decent enough story, but nothing that grabbed me other than the violence. Static Shock read like it was written for the teen set, so it very much didn't grab me, despite being a fan.

Gee, Bob Harras, Jim Lee, and Dan Didio. Thanks for revamping the DCU! It's helping to make sure my monthly spend on comics has gone down.

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