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The "new" DCU - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
The "new" DCU
So I read the NEW!!!!!!!! Justice League today, and I gotta say, they actually did do something right:

They gave Hal Jordan a personality

Yay, Geoff Johns! Go you!

Unfortunately, you made him an asshole. You also made Superman be kind of a dick, too. You didn't make them just any kind of dick, though. No, you made them that special "It's always September on Usenet" kind of asshole. You know the type: the one who has just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not enough sense to know what the correct balance is between doing & listening to others. I know this is supposed to be showing us how they were like when they started, but I gotta say: I've got enough dicks in my everyday life. I don't need my superheros to be dicks, too. Unless we're talking about Dick Grayson, of course.

So, hey. Good job, Geoff. It's not the reboot that's keeping me from reading Justice League, it's your writing. Go you!

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