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More Nissan rambling - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
More Nissan rambling
I was finally able to measure a full tank's worth of gas mileage: 18.45 for a full tank, where full tank = 19 out of 21.6 gallons at the E line. That was highway and off-roading, so I have good hopes for decent, everyday, gas mileage. Gambit's rated for 16/20 mph.

Still getting used to the lack of little touches on the Nissan that my Jetta had. When the tank hits E? Gambit doesn't ping at me. There's only 1 auto-window down (driver's), and no auto-window up. Still missing an outside temperature gauge, though we've talked about how we could hook one up.

I'm enjoying the fact that I have Bluetooth on the car (even if I sound tinny). The remote wil open the car from farther away. I like the fact that I can lock the car while the driver's door is open, though I understand that leads into danger for locking your keys in the car.

I also discovered today that I can only clean less than 1/2 of Gambit's windshield. He's too tall. Guess that's what the spousal unit is good for...

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