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Off-roading - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
We took the XTerra up to the Sierras yesterday, to have fun around Ellis Peak. We popped Gambit's cherry, so to speak, by taking him out the back end of Barker's Pass to get back to Hwy 89. I was hoping to get him dirtier, so that I could do extra intimidation on all the grocery-getting wannabe SUV's in my work's parking lot, he's just mostly dusty. That'll clean off soon. *sigh*

He did a great job, though. We learned some of his capabilities, and weren't disappointed.

In other news, while I've tentatively named him Gambit, BF is agitating for Nightcrawler or Prof X[1], and a friend was suggesting Longshot since both he & the car have a black uniform.

What do y'all think? Not promising I'll listen, of course, but I'm always interested in other bits of data.

P.S. puppybrother, I did consider Bishop. But he turned evil & stupid, and I just can't condone that.

[1]NO! My car will not be named after cueball.

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