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Lovely - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Presented without comment. Unless you consider the comment of "Google: Stalking made easier!" to be a comment. You probably should consider it a comment. Maybe I should make more comments?

Gmail Sees First Google+ Integration:
Google+ is starting to make small appearances on other Google services. Googler Mark Striebeck has announced that Gmail will soon be displaying recent Google+ posts from those you're in email conversations with.

How about this comment: Because, yeah, I'd want to see what public G+ posts the businesses I deal with make. Oh, and what about potential business partners/clients. And you should be even MORE careful about what you make public vs private, since this isn't someone searching for you by name, but Google saying: I know your email address and everything you've done anywhere on our services with it. Let me make it easy to tell everyone about everything you're doing!

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