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G+: Why I'm not invested in it - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
G+: Why I'm not invested in it
Google Plus: Too Much Unnecessary Drama

Yes, I could use my legal name on G+. However, if I use my legal name on G+, the only people who can find me are the people I don't want to connect with. Hawk is how everyone I care about (and some that I don't) know that it's me. I've used Hawk for over a decade as a consistent identifier.

Unlike most of the people who are getting suspended, I don't have any other Google service I care about[1]. If I had a Gmail, or Picasa, etc, I'd be concerned with both staying & possibly getting suspended, or leaving and trying to delete my G+ profile. Why?

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Rainday Superstar showing how she was locked out of more than just G+
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If I get suspended, I doubt I'll do more than delete the service. If everyone decides that G+ is the place to be, and stops posting here... *shrug* Guess I'll be Left Behind. Because as it stands, I don't find G+ worth it.

[1]Search is not a service in this case, since you don't yet need an account for it.

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