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Odd's 'n Ends - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Odd's 'n Ends
1) I rollerbladed today - for an hour. It. Was. AWESOME! Well, except for one, tiny bit; roller blades are really good for telling you when your foot is not fully healed. Inmovable boot + toe area with less than 100% movement = pain. Thankfully it dissipated once the boot was on, and I got to have lots of fun. I'll probably try to go out again tomorrow.

2) I found a pair of dress pants at Kohl's in my size (well, slightly too large, but trust me, I'm sure they'll shrink in the wash) for $4.80. Oh, and I had a 30% off coupon. Yeah, that's worth getting.

3) Kohl's clearance rack was taunting me, however. When I was a size 14, everything on the clearance rack was a size 12. Now that I'm a size 10 (or a size 12 petite), everything's a size 14. W. T. F., shopping gods?

4) Tried some kanpyo sushi the other day, and it was delicious! Wish that the sushi joint that had it wasn't so awful otherwise. I'll need to look around and see where else I can get some.

5) Tried some Yamagobo sushi at the same time. Discovered that I'm allergic to it. *sigh* Not that it's that big a deal to me - the flavor wasn't all that. But it does look like carrots, so that means I can't have mixed vegetable sushi anymore, because the carrots might not really be carrots...

6) Plans to see Green Lantern tomorrow fell through. I can't say that I'm all that unhappy at the situation.

7) DC Reboot! Didn't I say that DC hiring Bob Harras as EiC was going to come back and hurt them? Well, I'm unfortunately correct. Thankfully for me, I suppose, I hadn't been enjoying much of their stuff recently anyway. I've stopping reading more & more DC books (thanks Geoff Johns!), and the two or three I'm reading are going away/changing, anyway. Good jumping off point for me.

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missysedai From: missysedai Date: June 26th, 2011 01:55 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Green Lantern was fun, but you're not really missing anything if you don't see it. It's a nice way to spend a couple Saturday hours, but nothing earth shattering.

Ernie and I liked well enough.
merhawk From: merhawk Date: June 26th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Green Lantern is a very easy distill: intergalactic space cop.

From everything I've been reading, they couldn't even do that.

Perhaps they could have done it better if they hadn't slavishly kept to the Hal Jordan origin story. Can't we get past that, already?
From: puppybrother Date: June 28th, 2011 12:45 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
3) The shopping gods hate you. Go buy a few Blu-Ray players immediately, and burn them in the back yard. Remember to wrap the case in fat, that's what they like.

7) I was *this* close to getting Jonas to add Secret Six to his pull list and I'd just buy them off him. But, no. Dammit, I liked them.
3 talons or Rake your talons?