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Dear everyone in the news cycle, - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Dear everyone in the news cycle,
Dear everyone in the news cycle,

When all you can talk about is how the allegations against IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will affect the IMF, or the French elections, and talk as if these charges will (oh noes!) cause massive problems with the IMF? You're perpetuating the situation where the crime is less important than the perpetrator of said crime.

Here's the deal: yes, he's only been charged. However, we already know that he fled his hotel, leaving behind personal effects like his cell phone and hopped aboard a flight to France which has no extradition treaty with us.

You could say that it's someone knowing that his "friendly actions" were "misunderstood" and he didn't want to be jacked up due to the situation.[1] Or, you could say that it's the face of a potential serial molester.[2] Regardless, let's focus this story on where it should be: the head of the IMF & a potential Presidential contender in France is accused of molesting a woman. Again, let me restate this: he's looking at being convicted of being a SEXUAL PREDATOR.

You could claim that it's "just how the French are". You could claim that it's "not that big a deal". You can obviously prove that you've never been sexually molested if you can say that with a straight face.

By focusing on what this will do to the IMF[3], rather than the fact that there was likely a sexual predator running the IMF, and how we should try to vet against putting potential sexual predator's in positions of authority in the future, you are doing women the world-over a huge disservice.

Even if Strauss-Kahn is innocent, that discussion is needed. This incident should be a stepping stone for that discussion.

With much disgust,


[1]I'm extrapolating based on what kind of excuses a sexual predator creep usually gives.
[2]There's mostly credible allegations he's done this in the past; allegations that the maid probably wouldn't have known about.
[3]Which is a valid focus, as they do help run world economies, but shouldn't be the primary focus.

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