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Damn you, Google

Google's done a revamp of their search screen.

That wouldn't bother me so much, except they took away the cache option. I'm guessing that they want us to use the preview instead. However, the preview isn't anywhere near as useful as the cache was.

Cache - unlike preview - gives you an entire screen of what's on the website, not just that little pop up. The highlighting on the cache was much easier to read, especially in context. Plus - and this is really important when I'm doing research - if the main webpage is down, you can still check out the cache to get basic information.

There's nothing on this change on Google's blog. Nothing. There is a post from today; it would have been nice to have mentioned the changes to the main results pages.

Bing will give me the cache if I hover over the preview screen. Yahoo! still has cache listed. Unless I'm completely missing something on Google's search results page, it might be time, yet again, to seriously consider changing search engines.

ETA: And now it's not doing it anymore. Well, at least it stopped after I deleted my cookies from Google. Maybe there was a problem with a release update yesterday?
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