Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Understanding the LJ outages

For those that haven't been paying close attention to the why's, LJ has been under quite a few DDoS attacks over the past few weeks. The speculation I've been seeing since the first attack (and now essentially confirmed), is due to pro-Kremlin forces actually trying to shut down anti-corruption Russian blogs.

There are some articles about this here, here, and here. ETA: Another article on this here.

I won't deny that the downtime has been annoying; however, I feel that it shows a credit to the LJ platform (as well as the Russian bloggers) that the Kremlin fears it so much it's trying to shut down the discussion on it.

Hopefully the new measures that LJ is trying to put in place to stop these DDoS attacks will be effective soon.
Tags: livejournal, psa, technology

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