Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Operation: Wasp Extermination

It was a complete and utter success. I was very pleased with Mike & Leo, who came out, saw more nesting areas than we had, and went to obliterate them.

Once the smell has dissipated a bit more, I will take advantage of the 80+(!!!) day and sit with my foot propped up outside for a bit.

Turns out that the moron was not the owner, like I thought, but the owner's nephew/business partner. The owner was pre-warned by our Management people that I was Not. Impressed. the last time I dealt with this company, and we talked for a few. He listened to my incidents, mentioned he'd had another complaint about him (with a stern talking to), and said that the nephew would not be coming back here.

Victory, she is mine this day.
Tags: house, idiots, nature, wasps

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