Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Firefox 4

After seeing this article on BetaNews, I decided to give Firefox 4 a try - for one and one reason only:

"Do not track."

Firefox has now built in the ability to not be tracked by other websites. Unfortunately, I'm not going to know how well it works, but it makes me happy - assuming it really works.

Most of the other stuff they list as new features are features that were already integrated in Firefox (autocomplete from the navigation bar - I've been doing that throughout using Firefox 3.6.x) or I just don't like (getting rid of tabs - I like my tabs, thank you very much). Sync might be interesting, but not sure I want to go and make an account.

What I'd love to see, but it doesn't look like they'll ever do, is for them to integrate the "remove cookie" feature with the "block cookie" feature like they do in Camino. That would be an awesome upgrade.
Tags: computers, firefox, technology

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