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Trying to keep busy - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Trying to keep busy
Lying with my foot up is driving me crazy. And killing my back. DVDs only distract me for so long, so I've been working on cleaning up & uploading more pictures to Flickr.

Westwater Canyon, in Moab, Utah, where we went white-water rafting a few years ago was put up on the 17th.

Today, I'm been putting up a mix of pictures from Yosemite, BF's first major 4wheeling trip, us backpacking at Deadfall Lakes (and looking so young and vibrant!), and the ubiquitous picture of McWay Falls. Except this is a good picture of McWay Falls, of course.

As usual, pictures of BF & myself are locked to Flickr friends. All other pictures are open.

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