Hawk (merhawk) wrote,


My phone's been acting up, so I finally did a Restore on it tonight.

I did not run a backup before I did the restore, because the restore is supposed to prompt me to backup the phone.

Guess what iTunes decided I didn't need and went straight into the Restore, with no way for me to cancel?


I lost all the weight & cycle information I've been keeping for quite a long time. I have pre-2010 cycle information on a calendar, but I'm not really inclined to go back and add them all back into my phone - yet again.

And I still need to get all my apps & contacts back on the phone.

So very annoyed right now.

ETA: Annoyance not quite so high anymore. When I restored Monthly Cycles onto my phone - all the data came with it. Thank Elath. I did not want to lose that data.

The notes I lost... they're still lost. Problematic, but not a killer.
Tags: iphone, macs

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