Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Adopted ratpors!

We drove out to lovely Central Valley last night to visit the UC Davis California Raptor Center today. They don't allow you to visit the birds who are being rehabbed; however, the birds that can not be released after rehab are visitable.

Not only did we have a wonderful time watching the birds (albeit a bit sad because we're only able to visit them because they're non-releasable), we also adopted three birds! The Raptor Center is a non-profit that needs funds to help feed the birds, keep up the grounds, rehab the birds, etc. Instead of just asking for money, they put a "price" to a bird for their food upkeep and ask for people to sponsor them. So now we'll have a Merlin, a Red-Tail, and a Ferruginous Hawk all sending us postcards telling us how the donations have helped. This should be fun.
Tags: california raptor center, hawks

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