Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Go Egyptian people!

Mubarak has resigned, finally. He's passed over power to the military, supposedly temporarily, which could be problematic. However, ElBaradei was calling for Mubarak to resign and let the military get the ball rolling on free elections. He knows, it seems, what he's doing, so I'm less worried about this than I might in a different country.

And here's an awesome picture of Tahrir Square from the air.

On another side of this, I was reading
this Guardian article the other night that stated that the US was losing our superpower status because Obama stated Mubarak was leaving and then he didn't.

*rolls eyes* Really? There are reasons you could state this, but a dictator who's already proven to be recalcitrant about not wanting to be one of "those" that get pushed out of office? We've lost more of our superpower status over that? Now that he's gone today will you give us that status back, Guardian, or will you claim that it's some other reason? Mind you, the Egyptian people are a damn good, and in a perfect world would be the only, reason for him to have gone. But I, unfortunately, doubt it was just that.
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